We are celebrating 12 years of service by launching a new brand and website that represents our passion.

Our new brand embodies 12 years of service and demonstrates our passion.

Our new website combines great function and utility, allowing our clients to navigate with ease. The experience is comprehensive and displays how our clients feel about us; Fairfield and Associates, PA is tenacious, thorough, and sharp. You feel that you are part of the family atmosphere.

We strive to keep our small town feel, while hand-selecting and growing Maine’s dream team of attorneys.

Fairfield and Associates, PA commands 12 years of service, 140 years of combined experience, 25,000+ successful cases, and 10,000+ happy clients.

For 12 years of service we have continued to believe in and support our core values that differentiate us from other legal firms.

We believe in the fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Fairfield and Associates, PA is a client-focused firm where you will know your lawyer and staff. You will regularly be part of the process, and you will feel like you have been heard.

Other firms are far more rigid with pre-existing models, dictating that you bend in order to be one of their clients. The opposite is true at Fairfield and Associates, PA.

We are adaptive to all situations and client needs. This is a key, core value and differentiator of Fairfield and Associates, PA that works well with the law, as the law is also adaptive and not a rigid system.

Our dedication to our clients at F&A is noticeable in how hard we work towards efficient and favorable outcomes.

Many firms have individual attorneys working alone and billing their own cases. At Fairfield and Associates, PA we prioritize getting the best results for our clients by collaborating and involving the complete F&A team for your case.

See our new video bios and get to know all of the lawyers and staff at F&A