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Maine lawmakers urged to tackle mental health crisis in the state’s jails

Federal appeals court rules Waldoboro police gave misleading info

Maine’s highest court considers whether boy’s detention at Long Creek violated his rights

State is unlawfully holding 13-year-old boy at Long Creek, attorney alleges

Our View: Don’t allow Mainers with mental illness to languish in jail

State official won’t be held in contempt for keeping mentally ill man in jail

Lawyer files motion to hold health commissioner in contempt

Lawyer Seeks Contempt Motion After Man Placed In State Care Spends Weeks In Jail

Attorney files motion for contempt against Maine DHHS commissioner

Lawyer says DHHS kept mentally ill client in jail too long, against court order

Jay Mercier seeks new DNA analysis in Skowhegan court

Lawyer for York County Sheriff’s deputy: ‘I have never seen the likes of this’

Anthony Sanborn freed, but not absolved of murder of Jessica Briggs

Broadcasters ordered to produce unaired tapes of Sanborn prosecutor interviews

Investigator turns over Sanborn murder case files that he kept in his attic

Sanborn decision validates defense’s months of work

Man jailed for killing his girlfriend when he was just 16 is freed after 27 years as key witness recants her testimony saying police and prosecutors pressured her to ID him

Man Convicted for 1989 Slaying Granted Bail After Key Witness Recants

Man convicted in 1989 murder seeks bail, new trial

Gorham man sues Beech Ridge speedway owner, claiming sexual assault

Standish man sues Waldoboro police over arrest for alleged ‘elder abuse’ of father

After more than 18 months fighting abuse allegations, Maine parents reunited with children

Maine DHHS chief ordered to contempt hearing over mental hospital admissions

Maine man freed after 27 years in prison